Perry Liu MD

Perry Liu, MD, embodies the convergence of art and medicine that is the essence of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.


  • Duke University
  • Emory University
  • New York Medical College
  • Chang-gung Memorial Hospital
  • Tulane University
  • Harvard Medical School/Brigham & Women’s Hospital

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About Dr. Liu



Perry Liu, MD, embodies the convergence of art and medicine that is the essence of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. His advanced surgical skills not only reflect his background as an artist, but also integrate the artistry of aesthetic surgery, the fundamental surgical principles of reconstructive surgery, and the delicate and precise nature of microsurgery. It takes a combination of multiple skills to be a good plastic surgeon.

Dr. Liu’s skills incorporate multiple disciplines and integrate them into his patients’ journeys of transformation and rejuvenation. With a special interest in Chinese painting, where balance and harmony stages all the elements of a painting, Dr. Liu understands this philosophy and utilizes it to produce more natural results.

During his 10 years of advanced training to become a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, he has trained with world-renowned surgeons in multiple disciplines across the United States and in Asia.  These include, but are not limited to, advanced microsurgery, head and neck reconstruction, and breast rejuvenation/reconstruction from Dr. Fu-Chan Wei in Taiwan and Dr. Robert Allen in New Orleans. He also trained under Dr. Gustavo Colon, a preeminent aesthetic surgeon and former president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in New Orleans. Currently, Dr. Liu is in private practice in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

A graduate of Duke University, where he received multiple honors, Dr. Liu continued on to medical school at Emory University in Atlanta, General Surgery Residency at New York Medical College in New York City, a Research Fellowship at Harvard Medical School/Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, a Microsurgical Fellowship at Chang-gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan, and a Plastic Surgery Fellowship at Tulane University in New Orleans. During the course of his training, he has received multiple awards and honors for his research into advanced wound healing and cancer reconstruction. With this schooling, he strives to be the best eyelid surgeon Los Angeles has seen.

Dr. Liu’s fellowship in New Orleans encompassed extensive experiences with breast cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, eyelid surgery, abdominal contouring, and advanced liposuction techniques. As such, he can offer you the latest and most advanced techniques for your rejuvenation.

Being well versed in both advanced aesthetic and reconstructive techniques, Dr. Liu’s international training at Chang-gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan also included the most up-to-date Asian eyelid and nose procedures.

A native of Taiwan, Dr. Liu was educated in the United States and is married to Vivien, his wife of 10 years. They have two adorable children, Adrien and Julien. He and his family are all fluent in Mandarin.

Practice Philosophy

During consultations, Dr. Liu strives to understand each patient’s priorities and goals so that he may fulfill their expectations, have the results complement each patient’s features and personality, and achieve the most natural result possible.  Together with his patients, he will develop a treatment plan that is individualized and specific for his patient’s needs and desires. This is only a part of what makes him a great eyelid surgeon Los Angeles has to offer.

He believes that there can be no greater compliment than to have patients look great without others being able to tell they have had surgery. Subtle changes can have dramatic yet natural results. Plastic surgery can distort, maim, and destroy a person’s self esteem. Or it can enhance, rejuvenate, and restore one’s youthful looks. Dr. Liu is a staunch advocate of the later and doing what is best for his patient’s health and appearance. He is committed working with his patients to achieve this goal.

Dr. Liu also believes that great surgical outcomes are not only dependent upon good technical skills and a sound fund of knowledge, but also depend on how you handle tissue during surgery. When handled gently and treated with respect, tissues heal better and scar less.  Tissues that are traumatized less during surgery also recover more quickly. Patients not only feel better faster and have less down time, but ultimately scar better. The precision of the closure also helps make scars less visible. As a result, different surgeons achieve different outcomes when performing the same exact procedure. No one understands this better than a micro-surgically trained plastic surgeon.

劉憲宗醫師 - 極致精確的外科技術,自然和諧的美學藝術,東西方文化完美結合
在整形美容領域擁有10年以上的專業經驗,劉醫師在美國一流大學完成學業 (Duke University)、醫學院 (Emory University) 及外科訓練 (NY Medical College) 等精英教育之后,從師於東西方世界級及整形外科及美容名醫,曾在美國各地及台灣頂尖醫療體系服務,專攻尖端顯微手術,頭、頸、乳房等部位癒後術後重建、修 復、美化,以及整形美容。
作為一名生於台灣、長於美國的華裔,劉醫師對東西方不同的社會文化、審美標準,以及東西方人追求美的需 求與特色,自是了然與胸、極有把握。在美國新奧爾良市,劉醫師憑借領先技術、運用最新科技,成功執掌了許多乳房美化重建、眼袋眼型修整、胃腹腰臀修身塑 身、以及局部抽脂手術,獲得顧客一致好評。在台灣執業期間,流行於亞洲的隆鼻、割雙眼皮、削骨小臉、拉下巴塑瓜子臉等手術,同樣是劉醫師的強項。
經過劉憲宗醫師十餘年來勤懇不懈的努力,世界級外科/整形美容泰斗的專業技藝,將透過劉醫師的雙手,在洛杉磯的Century City造福人群、大放光芒。劉憲宗的師承背景經歷如下:
Dr. Gustavo Colon 業界權威,曾任美國美容整形外科學會主席 美國新奧爾良市
Dr. Robert Allen 業界權威,專精器官重建與乳房更新、回春、曲線重塑 美國新奧爾良市
Dr. Fu-Chan Wei 世界首席顯微(微創)手術專家 台灣林口長庚醫院
Dr. Dennis Orgill 哈佛大學名教授,專攻傷口修復癒合 美國波士頓市

現今社會大眾普遍認定,成功的美容手術奠基於建立共識、明確目標、醫師對美的詮釋、醫師專業知識、經 驗,與外科操刀技術。劉憲宗醫師主張,在以上各項之外,加入“細節處理”。細節處理包括了肌肉組織的微處理,以及高精準度的縫合。手術期間,若小心翼翼 地、細致地處理患部的肌肉組織,將降低手術對肌體帶來的傷害,減少結疤的大小範圍,讓身體自發的癒合力提高,傷口更快痊癒。細致精確的縫合,更能讓傷疤隱 淡、較不明顯。結合以上兩項細節處理,顧客在手術後將更快恢復健康美麗,不僅身體上較少有不適,心裡上亦無需焦急等待。


The Team


Assistant Practice Manager

Elaine is highly focused on customer relations and personal attention. "It’s a wonderful feeling to help patients feel great about themselves and their appearance.”


Consultant/Lead Aesthetician

Janice Chou is a licensed medical esthetician with a decade plus of experience delivering the most advanced, sage and effective facial and body treatments. One of her areas of expertise her passion is facial extractions and deep cleansing. Using only the highest quality and most effective products in her treatments, Janice is well versed in advanced SkinCeutical Medical Facials. She also specializes in customized peels and deep cleansing medical extractions to clear pores and impurities from your skin. Her unparalleled technique and artistry will make your skin more youthful and healthy.


Patient Coordinator

As the Patient Coordinator, Roxana is the smiling face that greets each and every patient as they arrive at the office. She schedules appointments and surgeries for Dr. Liu. Roxana says, “This office is like family, and Dr. Liu is such a patient and understanding person, I actually look forward to coming to work each day!”