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How To Choose a Breast Reconstruction Surgeon Who is Right For You

If you’re currently dealing with breast cancer, in particular if you are trying to cope with the loss of a breast or breasts due to mastectomy, the last thing in the world you want to add to the pile is the hassle of trying to choose the right surgeon to perform your breast reconstruction. Making…

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How Does Ultrasound Liposuction Work?

For decades, the standard method to remove small amounts of fat from the body in order to shape or sculpt a person’s contours was tumescent liposuction. This involved the injection of large amounts of a sterile, anesthetic solution to help break up the fatty tissue before removing it through a cannula (a thin, hollow tube…

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What is Labiaplasty?

Time and gravity can work together to make a great many changes to our bodies over the years. When you add in what childbirth can do, in particular to certain parts of our bodies, it’s amazing we can even recognize ourselves. One of the things that time, childbirth, and aging can do is to make…

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Is Non-Incisional Eyelid Surgery Right For You?

There are a number of options available for the almost half of all Asian people born without an upper eyelid crease. Some choose to use cosmetic solutions to create the type of eyelid they prefer, applying adhesives to the sensitive skin of their eyelids – sometimes several times a day. Others opt for a more…

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What is Autologous Breast Reconstruction?

The development of breasts is one of the first signs that a girl is transitioning into womanhood. Her breasts will be a symbol of her femininity for the rest of her life. This is a large part of why it’s such an insult to add to the injury of cancer that the most effective remedy…

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Choosing a Surgeon for Liposuction

Liposuction is a commonplace procedure these days, and has been for a few decades now, but it is because of its commonplace nature that we need to be very careful when choosing a surgeon. When a procedure that used to be a specialist procedure becomes more or less routine, it becomes more and more likely…

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Choosing a Surgeon For Your Labiaplasty

If you’re tired of suffering, either physically or emotionally, because of abnormally large, or protruding labia (the inside lips of the vagina), you may be considering undergoing cosmetic surgical procedure called labiaplasty. Given that this is not a particularly well-known, or often talked about procedure, it can be difficult knowing how to choose the right…

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What Are Your Double Eyelid Surgery Options?

If you are one of the many Asian people born without an upper eyelid crease, and you prefer the look of a double eyelid, you have options to choose from.  You could use temporary solutions like eyelid tape, a popular choice with girls in Japanese high schools, but that doesn’t work for everyone – those…

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Understanding Your Breast Reconstruction Options

Cancer is a terrible disease, and breast cancer doubly so. There’s something innately unjust about a frequently fatal disease that, if you manage to survive it, still threatens to take away your feeling of femininity. Although advances have been made in cancer treatment over the past few decades, the most effective treatment still remains mastectomy,…

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The Natural Approach to Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills

For women interested in enhancing what nature gave them, specifically through natural breast augmentation, Beverly Hills is a city that provides ample choices. Dr. Perry Liu prides himself on being able to offer his patients a wide variety of choices, and for patients interested in breast enhancement one of those choices is autologous fat transfer,…

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